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Object-Oriented Programming Courses

Java and C# have become the languages of choice for both free-standing and web-based object-oriented applications. Each is a simple yet elegant language for serious, large-scale object-oriented programming, and both provide important software engineering features such as support for packaging, multi-threaded programming, and exception handling.

Objective Engineering currently offers the Java curriculum listed below. The one-week class includes numerous exercises and laboratories, thus providing students an opportunity to put course concepts into practice.

A Crash Course in the Java Programming Language. This one-day “crash course” covers the basics of the Java language and its use for serious object-oriented application development. This course is perfect for individuals who want to learn as much about Java as possible in a short amount of time. A comparison of Java and C++ is included. Duration: 1 day.

Object-Oriented Programming in Java. This one-week class covers all aspects of the Java language. It also discusses basic data structures, I/O, applets, and the Abstract Window Toolkit. Pencil-and-paper and laboratory exercises reinforce the lectures. Students leaving this class will be able to write serious applications in Java. Duration: 5 days.

Advanced Java  Programming. This course addresses several advanced Java Programming topics. The course is organized as a set of four modules, each of which covers a general programming language. Duration: 5 days.

Object-Oriented Programming in C#. C# is a .NET-aware object-oriented programming language that is similar in syntax and style to both C++ and Java.  To make effective use of the language, therefore, developers must understand both the essential elements of object-oriented programming and the realization of those concepts in C#.  This five- day course covers the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in C#.  The course covers both the language and several of the classes available from the .NET framework class libraries.  It illustrates the effective use of object-oriented features such as inheritance and polymorphism.  Numerous exercises and laboratories provide students valuable “hands on” experience with C# programming. Duration: 5 days.

Crash Course in the C# Programming Language. This one-day “crash course” provides attendees with a fast-paced, in-depth look at the C# programming language.  It describes the C# language and its use for object-oriented programming.  It covers basic concepts such as classes and inheritance, as well as more advanced topics such as threads and exceptions.  As it is an investigation of much of the C# language in a single day, this class has no programming laboratories. Duration: 1 day.

Instructor: Most courses are taught by Charles Richter, principal, Objective Engineering. Mr. Richter has been involved in object-oriented development for almost two decades and has been programming in Java for many years. Read more about Objective Engineering and Mr. Richter at the Objective Engineering Company Information page.

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